MIchelle Pelletier
American Express
Corporate In House Counsel

I thought the whole idea of mindfulness sounded like some hippy euphoria that didn’t exist in my world as a lawyer. Then I took the Mindfulness in the Law course with Alex and my experience completely changed my perspective. I learned to think about stress in a different way and to control the effects of stress on my mind and body. Alex also taught me how to meditate, and I now do it regularly. I have become a better listener, I’m more productive and more focused at work, and most importantly, I now enjoy the day to day aspects of my life instead of always thinking about the next vacation or next big event. Thank you Alex!

Alice Land
Marriott International
Area Sales Leader – Miami

Marriott prides itself on being consistently ranked in Fortune 500 as a ‘Top Company to Work For.’ That being said, our focus on the employee is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to their health and well-being. In 2016, the company rolled out ‘Take Back your Life,’ a program designed to enable associates to work smart and prioritize tasks so as to work efficiently and lessen the daily stresses associated with the day to day demands of driving top line revenue. When Alex approached me about his Organic Work Environment program it couldn’t have been a better time to incorporate this into our quarterly recognition meeting. The lunch and learn session started with a stress test for the entire team, which was very enlightening and a ‘tell-tell’ sign that we all needed to breathe a little deeper. We went through techniques to lessen our stress on a daily basis and touched on nutrition and the value of a healthy lifestyle. The team enjoyed the presentation and we all walked away with great information to incorporate into our work life balance. Alex, thank you for partnering with us to make our employees’ well-being continue to be top of mind for our leadership team. We especially appreciate your attention to detail, energy and enthusiasm during the presentation. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Anita Hall

As the Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator for Mastec-Advanced Technologies, I launched a wellness awareness month for our team at our Coral Gables offices in order to promote more work/health balance in the workplace. I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Organic Work Environments and booked a Lunch & Learn as one of the events. Mr. Villegas delivered a very impactful mini seminar for our company on stress reduction and mindfulness in the work place, particularly how it relates to health and longevity. The presentation was skillfully delivered, including relevant information which tied all the key points together in a relatable way for those in an office environment, enabling my team to walk away with useful techniques and action items. The response was very positive resulting in some lasting changes to our workplace.I highly recommend Organic Work Environments, as any company will be able to benefit from the knowledge and insights it has to offer.

Amber Kornreich
Marital and Family Law Attorney

Alex Villegas is a true visionary in the mindfulness movement. Training with Alex in the Mindfulness in the Law Course had tremendous gains in my professional and personal life. The course helped me listen more actively to clients and increased my productivity. Personally, Alex helped me learn strategies to manage the stress of a very active life. I would recommend Alex’s courses and one-on-one coaching to anyone who is looking to improve themselves, relax their anxious minds, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Nicole Garcia
Senior Manager,
Global Accounting and Reporting Services at Carnival Cruise Lines

Alex Villegas with Organic Work Environments gave a very informative presentation to the Global Accounting team at Carnival Cruise Lines. Alex showed a strong understanding of the stresses that the average business professional as well as those specific to a Global/Corporate accounting team faces on a daily basis. Alex catered his presentation directly to our group of professionals which gave it a personal feel and made the message much more impactful. He provided shocking statistics related to the impact of stress on people’s lives.

Alex taught us how to be more efficient and happier employees by dealing with stressful situations using several easy techniques. He provided the group with quick and easy stress relief exercises to practice whenever we feel overwhelmed or stressed. In just one time of doing some of the breathing exercises I immediately felt more calm and able to refocus. His exercises are easy enough to do by myself at my cubicle and they only take a couple minutes. I promise you immediately realize the benefits.

I would recommend Alex’s expertise and the assistance of Organic Work Environments to anyone working in today’s world. Whether you feel stressed in your job or think you are 100% happy, Alex’s techniques and guidance can help you and your company be that much more effective and efficient on a daily basis.

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